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He is three.  This is his third day of being three.  Yesterday, we had a party.


D is beginning to communicate on a more profound level.  As he does, I experience so many emotions at once: joy, curiousity, laughter, anticipation, and just a twinge of worry.  What is he absorbing? What am I teaching him? What does he have to show me?

I will never forget the look on his face when "Happy Birthday" started.  I don't care that this is a cliche: it was magical wonder.  If there were other words to describe it, I would use them, but that really says it best as far as I know.

Life marches on.  Sometimes it runs and stumbles on, but so it goes.
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Someone clue me in.  Apparently, I'm not able to create a new basic account.  Why is this pissing off so many people? Because free no longer means free AND ad-free? I suppose I can understand that a bit.  Or is it because LJ is horrible at communicating changes to service?

Seriously, I don't get it.  Please help me. 

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Profound words do not spring to mind.
(Wagon Christ - Step To The Music)
What have I been looking into? What have I been ignoring?

Where are my friends?

2008 finds me with many questions...a few answers.

If you count yourself among my friends, please know that I could count you as a friend and yet not know you.  

Ended the year with a whisky and beer.  Started the year with some Jack in my cider.

Wisdom must be for some other fool.
(Daft Punk - Aerodynamic)

(Fatboy Slim - Sunset)
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From: Cat
To: Puny Human

Clean my pee.

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Sorry 'bout that earlier post...
(When I See You - The Bugz in the Attic)
What's up with LJ embed code...argh. Anyway, sorry if I blasted that video at you...autostart shouldn't have been on.

I've been forced onto myspace. I loathe it, but people I know are there. If I know you, contact me outside of here and I'll give you my lameass URL. Honest, the place seems to be primarily inhabited by smiley-faced assclowns. Unfortunately, it's also the home to internet newbs.

Anyone know about any good free podcasts? Did I mention free?

(As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle)

Yeah...so maybe I'm going on a trip today...few days away...was supposed to go yesterday.

Wish me luck. Hope to see a friend. Hope my car can make the trip. If I break down along the way, life will not be pleasant. Then again, no use in worrying. Just preparing.
(Undying - Sutro)
Yeah..speaking of which *yawn*...right.
(Illusion - Coaxial)

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So...some time back my CD player and some burnt CDs were stolen from my car. Waa waa. Anyway, I decided to view the incident as an opportunity to do something I'd been considering for awhile anyway: get an MP3 player.

(Tank! - Luke Vibert Remix)

I was thinking small: literally and financially, but as it turned out a larger player was not much more, and my concept was to be able to carry most of my music around with me, or at least enough that I wouldn't think about the stuff I didn't have.

(Cats on Mars - DMX Crew Remix)

But, as it turned out, for about 1/3 of the price more, I could get not only 3.5 times the storage but also the ability to view pics and videos, since the Zune was on sale at the time. I realized it was probably inferior to the iPod and most likely about to be outmoded by a newer model (sale in tech=old).

(Cat Blues - Mr. Scruff Remix)

However, I'll admit I was relatively new to the MP3 player thing, so I thought, "What the hell; I'll give it a shot and see what I think." Now, I had a few days of honeymoon phase with it (30gig model, black, of course) and then the irritation started. To be fair, the thing is DAMNED sturdy...very early on I dropped it, and was sure I had broken it. As it turned out, I was simply out of battery charge, and after recharging, it still works fine (not even a scratch on the screen). But user control seems to be an outmoded concept in this age...

(Hypnotic Love - DJ Keoki)

I'll spare you the details (if you care, look here, or anywhere else on the forums: http://forums.zune.net/28921/ShowPost.aspx). Suffice it to say, obvious things are missing.

But it still kicks the ass of CDs, any day.
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(dZhihan & Kamien - Dundedeova)

(Saafi Brothers - Supervision)

Perhaps it will come to pass that I only post here every 6 months. Like the signpost that you see on a lonely road after traveling for miles with nothing else around.

I'm so far away from the point I started, I'm not quite sure what to tell you about the journey. So, maybe I'll just set up a question booth of sorts...

Shoot: tell me if you are curious. What interests you?
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Look, I'll just put it plainly: I stole some pics from my friend's profile pages, because they are PERFECT for how I feel.

(Molasses - Curiousity)

Seriously, I cringe every time someone tries to converse with me on the internet in this fashion:

how r u? i m 2 good. k kool!


And anyone who even slightly knows me can understand my attitude regarding that most wonderful of black liquids, from whose essence the world prolongs its wakefulness.
(Cujo - The Sighting

nuff said. (never said I was anti-slang, or anti-abbr, for that matter)


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