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Zunes and Bitching

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So...some time back my CD player and some burnt CDs were stolen from my car. Waa waa. Anyway, I decided to view the incident as an opportunity to do something I'd been considering for awhile anyway: get an MP3 player.

(Tank! - Luke Vibert Remix)

I was thinking small: literally and financially, but as it turned out a larger player was not much more, and my concept was to be able to carry most of my music around with me, or at least enough that I wouldn't think about the stuff I didn't have.

(Cats on Mars - DMX Crew Remix)

But, as it turned out, for about 1/3 of the price more, I could get not only 3.5 times the storage but also the ability to view pics and videos, since the Zune was on sale at the time. I realized it was probably inferior to the iPod and most likely about to be outmoded by a newer model (sale in tech=old).

(Cat Blues - Mr. Scruff Remix)

However, I'll admit I was relatively new to the MP3 player thing, so I thought, "What the hell; I'll give it a shot and see what I think." Now, I had a few days of honeymoon phase with it (30gig model, black, of course) and then the irritation started. To be fair, the thing is DAMNED sturdy...very early on I dropped it, and was sure I had broken it. As it turned out, I was simply out of battery charge, and after recharging, it still works fine (not even a scratch on the screen). But user control seems to be an outmoded concept in this age...

(Hypnotic Love - DJ Keoki)

I'll spare you the details (if you care, look here, or anywhere else on the forums: http://forums.zune.net/28921/ShowPost.aspx). Suffice it to say, obvious things are missing.

But it still kicks the ass of CDs, any day.
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