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Sorry 'bout that earlier post...
(When I See You - The Bugz in the Attic)
What's up with LJ embed code...argh. Anyway, sorry if I blasted that video at you...autostart shouldn't have been on.

I've been forced onto myspace. I loathe it, but people I know are there. If I know you, contact me outside of here and I'll give you my lameass URL. Honest, the place seems to be primarily inhabited by smiley-faced assclowns. Unfortunately, it's also the home to internet newbs.

Anyone know about any good free podcasts? Did I mention free?

(As The Rush Comes - Motorcycle)

Yeah...so maybe I'm going on a trip today...few days away...was supposed to go yesterday.

Wish me luck. Hope to see a friend. Hope my car can make the trip. If I break down along the way, life will not be pleasant. Then again, no use in worrying. Just preparing.
(Undying - Sutro)
Yeah..speaking of which *yawn*...right.
(Illusion - Coaxial)

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On December 6th, 2007 04:17 pm (UTC), snarkybleu commented:
look for "Ask A Ninja"
It used to be free, I figure it still is.

Also Kevin Smith used to have one, and it was cool too.
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On December 15th, 2007 01:28 am (UTC), alchemicalsoul replied:
Ask a ninja was only on iTunes. :( Did I mention no iTunes? no iTunes.

Kevin Smith's was free...but, I also found this weirdo named Kevin Smith whose podcast was all about UFO nutjobs. Really. Look it up.
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