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We are listening to a CD compiled specifically for baby listening....classical pieces, a few traditional ones...Joplin and Mozart...that kind of stuff.

Which I bought for $1. The hospice store rocks. We also purchased some books....Gorillas in the Mist, Spock's World, The Russia House, and one by Calvino, the title of which I cannot recall; all for $1.

So, I spent like, $2.14.

If I had left the mall at that point, I would have been happy. But then we stopped in the Appalachian Naturals store. I meant to buy 1 bar of soap. O-n-e. But, the sweet old lady snake oil seller pointed out that if we bought 3, the 4th was free. And then she said she'd give us both hand treatments for free. I mean, super, super sweet old lady. You try saying "No" to her. I hate oily stuff on my hands or arms. I don't use lotion. But after completely coating my hands with orange oil and sea salt, she washed that off and slathered one arm with shea butter and the other with coconut oil.


I think she mentioned how good lye soap is for poison ivy, like, 57 times. Finally, she told me that the chipped, unwrapped soap in the basket was only $1.25, didn't I want some of that? Oh, sure...(at this point, the flashing neon MARK sign made it impossible to refuse)...and then, because of her fondness for the baby, and a snafu with reciept paper, she gave us a bar of baby soap.

So I have 6 bars of natural soap. Hurray! I think it only cost me $18 or so.

Still, not a bad haul.

I return to work today...same company, new position...1 month of training. Crappy hours for that. But I'm going to look at the opportunity to spend more daytime hours with my son as a good thing.

For now, the day beckons...
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...has flown by....he is smiling now. :) Life is full of joy, if you can find it.
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Need a bit of color.
Trying out this style....we'll see.
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A friend, commenting on the news of his impending fatherhood, once said to me, "Life is pretty unstoppable."

I would tend to agree. It's also very beautiful.

My son, Daniel, was born on Monday. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 20 in long.

Here's a link to his picture. http://www.growingfamily.com/webnursery/babypage_view.asp?URLID=0T5P1W8V4F Ask me, friends, and I'll give you the password.
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Today was really great.
I got out of bed later than I intended.

I feel a bit strange because we've just moved to Idaho and there's a weird smell in the house.

Last night I had to go and pay Joshua's bail. He's such a jerk. He got arrested for punching the Walmart clerk in the face for refusing to sell him beer. He's only 16!

I am updating this journal for the first time in ages, because I've been in prison.

Today, I got a digital camera! Yes! But I don't know how to work it. Can you help me?

I want to say thanks to the academy for giving me this award.

I went to the doctor yesterday, and he said I have bipolar disorder, and a healthy imagination.

You should all do this quiz! It's amazingly accurate. You just put in your name and birthday, and it will tell you you're a moron.

(If you are paying attention, you already know this is a bogus entry. If not, reading this should help. If you don't read this, I'm not responsible for the bad ideas you get about things.)

That's enough for now. But I'll leave you with this thought - sharing your life with strangers on the internet is the cheapest form of therapy available. Leave a comment and tell me I'm beautiful.

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Heh. Overclocked Remix to start my first return post.

Disposing with commentary about that.  Chalk it up to "poor TIME MANAGEMENT".

How I love how the world informs me! I often wonder how it may inform my fellow people.

I  strikethrough> need /strikethrough> (want) to own more anime on DVD.

(The Monkees - Goin' Down)
(Al Hirt - Green Hornet)
(Song for Olabi - Bliee)

Blah. What a ridiculously gray day. I am not encouraged to have as fun and exciting an outdoor time as yesterday was...with perusing the downtown, socializing a bit and being with my SO...

A Valentine? I feel more like a troglodite today.

If Monday is really the day, and today is the 13th, and this is officially "The Year of the Widow", is it any wonder?

B is making fantastic flash. I am currently loathing her professors for assigning it whilst she recuperated from a cold.

(Amorphous Androgynous - In Mind)

For whomever would read this, is it the minutae of my day-to-day that attracts you to the writing, or is it a hope of finding something else? Please comment, I'll respond to it.

All for now. Might be a long time before I post again. Might be later tonight. I'm allowed to be fickle.

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First week down. Not as bad as I hypothesized, which is good, but we are just in the gear-up phase, so it is likely to get harder and less nice.

But I am learning Polish, thanks to my new right-hand neighbor. Dzie Kuje, right-hand coworker. Alas, I must still endeavor to leave this black hole as soon as it is feasible and profitable for me.

Dobre Dzenia.
^ s
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Yep. Back to the ant farm.
Back to the circus.
Back to it.
Except that "it" is not quite the same. Slightly better coffee.
Same a55ho|e bo$$, grinning like the minion of darkness that he is.
Nicer people to work with.
Rampant paranoia.
TV added to breakroom. :-(
New job, where are you? Time to start looking...
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Friday evening, some time around 5, I get a call at work: "There's flooding. Water is in the apartment. Help?"

To which I respond,"Uhm....not sure if there's much I can do from here. I'll be home soon....go ahead and use the towels and such and do what you can."

What I should have said: "Use the Polaroid. Take pictures. We may need them."

Anyway, when I did arrive at home, there was a bucket/trash can brigade out front, scooping up the 3-5" of water gushing around the front doors. Quite a few other people in the complex were affected, to a greater or lesser degree. After a few residents, including myself, contacted the property co, the "on-call maintenance crew" came out. This involved the brief operation of some shop vacs. By this time, we had cleared much of the water ourselves with the aformentioned buckets, trash cans, and towels. However, the underpadding was still soaked. The shop-vac did not, indeed, could not take care of this. I called the property co again on Saturday to explain my concerns over mold, mildew, and possible water damage. The guy who came out took up part of the carpet and cut away some of the underpadding, which he left rolled up, wet, on the front porch, along with this note on the door, "Please do not throw away padding. Used carpet fresh." Wheee! By Sunday, the carpet reeked so badly, I felt compelled to do something about it on my own. We moved some more furniture, then pulled back the carpet to the midpoint of the room where the water seems to have stopped, and took out the next section of padding. I left it rolled up on the front porch, since that seems to be the appropriate thing to do. Ahem. Anyway, I'm calling the property co again today when I get a chance.

Other than that, I really did have a good weekend. Chilled out as much as possible, went out to the coffee shop for a bit of writing, cruised the used bookstore, got some candy, played this German board game where you build castles. Fun! And I watched some more episodes of Neon Genesis: Evangelion. So, not all bad.

Ah, well. That's all I've got on my brain right now.
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The following is an exquisite corpse; i.e., a poem whose lines were written in sequence without knowledge of the previous lines. There were 3 people writing this one.

Paralyzed by the brilliant white minefield,
Unbelievable amounts of unrestrained ire...
Splutter spirals spew sparks.
With Zen-like patience, he waits,
A delicious piece of cake, but I ate
It doesn't matter, I don't understand
ringing the rim of the singing bowl,
The sandy beach, a stranded reach away
Skritch scratch beach itch
such temptation to focus on trivial pain,
Could I be left alone here for awhile?
Such and such and more
and the ripples, like a tracing of smoky bubbles, burst into a memory on a
still dark pond.

This seems particularly coherent for e.c.
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