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Alchemist's Notebook

(notes on finding a cure for plain)

Pb presence of <soul> ----> Au
I ask questions        Air           I seek.
to the Universe          |               Knowledge.
by my being.              |              Understanding.

The contents of this user are subject to unsettling during shipment.

No loss of content should be observed.

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"Every thinker puts some portion of an apparently stable world in peril." -John Dewey

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If I Haven&apos;t Had Coffee Yet, Stay Back


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Actually, that's just one opinion. Another one said I was rated "R". So, I think we should just apply the catch-all term, "Unrated". I doubt you'll see anything too explicit here, and if you do, it will have a 99% probability of being in an lj-cut.

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Meanwhile, in The Inferno....The Weather in Hell

"Let us descend now into the blind world,"
Began the Poet, pallid utterly;
"I will be first, and thou shalt second be." -Dante, Inferno, Canto IV

I am The current mood of alchemicalsoul at www.imood.com.
The crazy Internet is almost always The current mood of the Internet at www.imood.com.

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User Number: 1238473
Date Created:2003-08-07
Number of Posts: One Bajillion Million

"Head in the Sky, Feet on the Ground, Fire in my Left Hand, Water in my Right. Who am I?" - Ancient Riddle...answer it and you win a prize.
Strengths: Wise, knowledgeable, well-mannered, inquisitive, friendly, enduring, compassionate, creative. Also: Phasing, spiritwalk, Mental shielding +2 and Mental Penetration +3
Weaknesses: Addicited to coffee. Prone to spurts of violent temper and destruction. Poor physical frame. Also: -1 against Ignorance or Fear elementals.
Special Skills: Love. Science. Writing. Also: Can band with other Elemental Savants to create Army Of Me, which gives each member +10 to all attributes.
Weapons: Leo-Tigers have great physical strength, the advantages gained by all social creatures such as pack hunting, and sharp teeth and claws for ripping the flesh of anything that needs flesh-ripping.
Vowels: Hey! (a), Eeeee! (e), I (i), Oh! (o), and You (u). And sometimes, "Why?" (y)

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